In December 2018 I created a “lace” plique-a-jour bowl that subsequently was purchased by the V&A museum for their collection. I thought the bowl was a beginning of something that was truly interesting – the inclusion of holes in my plique-a-jour work. 

During lockdown I certainly had extra time on my hands with 3 exhibitions cancelled. I thought about several projects I had put aside due to time issues including silver enamelled cups for my twin sons. Once I had finished the cups – and the second lockdown was announced – I decided to “push the envelope” and make “Lace” bowl 2

To create a more lace like and delicate piece I needed more holes and to extend them to the base of the bowl as well as the upper half. The foot also needed another solution to emphasise the etherial nature of the plique-a-jour technique. 

Below is the bowl on display in the V&A collection. The next stage was to begin again….. and see if it would end up in one piece at the end of the journey!