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Alexandra Raphael was fascinated by jewellery from an early age. She concentrated on enamelling, both for the amazing glass colours and challenge of the technique. Largely self taught, Alexandra has developed her own unique and very personal cloisonné jewellery. Alexandra has exhibited widely both here in the UK and internationally. She has received numerous awards for her enamel jewellery and bowls and many of her pieces are prized by collectors and in permanent collections of museums including her “Lace” plique-a-jour bowl purchased by the V&A.

Alexandra has perfected the ancient craft of enamelling over many years. Specialising in Plique-à-jour (or backless enamel) and cloisonné jewellery, she spends hours bending and shaping her ribbons of fine silver and gold wire. Gradually she applies a thin layer of ground glass between her intricate wire design and fires at 800ºC. The painstaking procedure has begun. Another layer of glass is applied and fired. Layers of translucent enamel overlap each other and the depth of colour emerges with each new application and firing. Finally the finished enamel piece is ready for polishing. Alexandra's unique and personal work can be appreciated on many levels. The depth and meaning of her images can be personalized for the wearer "I sometimes ask myself, 'Why do I enamel?' A second too long in the kiln and disaster. A colour that has always been fine - for no apparent reason - goes wrong. But when enamel works - what joy! Is there any other medium that gives you such glorious colours? Brilliant reflections of coloured glass across the silver and gold beneath. Like a watercolour using glass and metal"

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