I was in lockdown but, I had all my essential tools, enamels and kilns at hand.
Several months before the lockdown, by sheer luck, I ordered 6 silver cups spun and ready for enamelling. These high sided vessels would not only be a new challenge, but a chance to create images larger than my jewellery.
For a long time I had intended to make a special cup for each of my twin sons Adam and Mark. This enforced pause in normal exhibition and commitments would finally give me the time to concentrate on creating these special pieces.
The time had come.
These cups were to be a surprise gift to show my love for my children while documenting their baby years, our lives together thru to their marriages and their children all thru cloisonné enamel images. The cups were going to take research and help with photos. A nostalgic and eventful trip down 43 years.
As the various images I wanted to include went thru my head life in lockdown continued.
Friends and neighbours were helping with food deliverers. My daughter-in-law very kindly sent over some paper essentials that were scarce in the shops and I sat down and made a mask.
Being a jeweller it was no ordinary mask and of course took over a week to make. I was safe and in style!