LOCKDOWN – worldwide we were in new territory…. How to survive mentally living alone with a cat? Luckily I had my studio. I could create almost undisturbed, but inspiration was essential.
Locally we formed a whatsap group for food and other essentials. Phone calls made to check up on one another. Neighbours gathered together in unison to fight against this unseen enemy. As a country we were united. But individually we were fighting our own personal battles of mental stress.
 For me four major exhibitions had been cancelled – I had jewellery ready to exhibit once life would return to normal. But, what to do in the interim?
I have decided to document my journey thru my art during this difficult time. I hope you will join me in what became a daily struggle. There were good days and bad days experienced by us all.
My assistant – patiently waiting for inspiration!
to be continued…..